West Hampstead Life



I lived in West Hampstead for a number of years, during which time I became involved as an active member of the Hyperlocal ‘Whampstead’ scene. Its earliest digital presence was a simple blog, but the advent of twitter kickstarted a thriving digital community around the @whampstead twitterfeed, culminating in a series of successful tweetups and offline events. This required a more in-depth experience.

I’ve sinced moved away from the area, but have kept in touch with the key people. On the back of this, I was asked to help upgrade the web presence. As well as a redesign, I managed the process, build and developers who set up the new site.

Key requirements were to move it away from the Blogger platform over to a standalone WordPress website, create a mobile friendly experience and implement a scalable architecture. The visual refresh while important, was just one aspect of a greater project.

Check the site out at: westhampsteadlife.com