Thin Martian Calendars

Print design and creative direction


During my time with Thin Martian, we created our own ongoing series of limited edition calendars, with each designed to be a ‘dynamic mash-up at the cutting edge of multi-media’.

Having been immersed with interactive projects for the best part of a decade, we wanted to produce a physical item, but one that users could engage with like they did with our digital work, so we pioneered the use of ‘interactive print technology’ — otherwise known as a ‘bonus’ set of stickers. They depicted an eclectic army of characters alongside snippets of conversation, tweets, comments and client feedback so the Thin Martian studio atmosphere could be recreated ‘in the comfort of your own home’.

The calendars were very much a highlight of the Thin Martian year for clients and the staff alike. With everyone in the studio keen to get involved, they were a fantastic group effort.